Women Walk the Line

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Yuan Ge (Chen Du Ling) and Gu Qiao (Xu Lu) are lifelong best friends. Although they are very different in terms of character, the bond between them is firm. Although they grew up in a smaller town, they studied in Shanghai. But their paths began to diverge when they graduated from university. Gu Qiao turned her back on her dreams of a successful career to go back to her hometown and marry. She hoped that her life would be plain sailing with her loving husband. But this turned out to be a futile hope. Despite all the concessions she made for him, he decided to end the marriage. Meanwhile, Yuan Ge has turned her back on love – and focused on the world of business in Shanghai. Her hard work has paid dividends, and now she is a successful businesswoman in her own right – although the struggle to reach the top has taken its toll on her health. Now, almost a decade later, Gu Qiao decides to return to Shanghai in a bid to restart her career. With Yuan Ge’s support, she hopes to make her old dreams come true. And with her best friend back at her side, Yuan Ge is also determined to make her thirties the best decade of her life! “Women Walk the Line” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Shen Yang.