Shining Just For You

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Ye Ling Shuang (Peng Xiao Ran) is a young woman who can foresee great tragedies and disasters before they happen. Although she is pure of heart, her gift has become a curse – and she has been shunned by those who think she brings bad luck. Only a young and beautiful princess shows her kindness. But that same princess is given a deadly choice by the dastardly Emperor Gao of the Chao Kingdom (Feng Shao Feng). She must either marry him – or die. She refuses to give in to him, which gives him the excuse he needed to attack her people. A conflict breaks out, whereby Ye Ling Shuang is taken prisoner. But she has now vowed to take revenge on the Emperor. And, using her talents, she wins freedom – and then promotion. Soon, she finds has caught the Emperor’s eye. But he is not the only one who wants to win her heart: Wu Yu (Zhu Zheng Ting), a surviving prince of a clan that was all but wiped out by the Emperor, also loves Ye Ling Shuang. Although he finds it hard to express his love, he springs into action when he sees that the Emperor has fallen for the woman he loves. Will love cause the cruel Emperor to change his ways? Or is Ye Ling Shuang destined to be with the angelic Wu Yu? “Shining Just For You” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chung Shu Kai and Zhang Jun Hao.