Love Affairs in the Afternoon

Legendas Por


When her husband announces that he’s taken a new position in a small town, Son Ji Eun (Park Ha Sun) is less than thrilled. Uprooting her old life to follow her husband as he pursues his dreams, Ji Eun tries to make the most of her new life. Unfortunately, her marriage offers little comfort, and life in such a small town offers even less. Desperate to fight the boredom that threatens to overwhelm her, Ji Eun takes a part-time job at a local mart. Quiet and sincere, Ji Eun plays the roles of dutiful wife and employee well, but inside her heart seems to have all but stopped beating. Completely unhappy in her life, Ji Eun might have forgotten what it means to live, had Yoon Jung Woo (Lee Sang Yeob) never walked into her life. A biology teacher at one of the local schools, Jung Woo’s presence inspires Ji Eun’s heart to beat once more. Unable to stop herself from starting down a path that will inevitably lead to ruin, Ji Eun follows her heart directly into Jung Woo’s arms. Fully aware that they’re tempting fate every time they meet, how long will it take for the consequences of Ji Eun and Jung Woo’s actions to catch up with them? “Love Affairs in the Afternoon” is a 2019 South Korean romantic melodrama directed by Kim Jung Min.