Have a Crush On You

Love Heals
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Seven years ago, Ruan Liu Zheng (Wang Chu Ran) was married to Ning Zhi Qian (Peng Guan Ying). She was a shy, reticent young woman who was emotionally fragile. Ning Zhi Qian was her opposite. The latter was cruel, and, eventually, the marriage broke apart, leaving Ruan Liu Zheng devastated. She moved away and tried her best to forget all about him. Now, she has trained as a medic. She has discovered that she has a talent for her chosen career path. And she has taken up an offer to work as a junior neurosurgeon at Bei Ya Hospital, back in her hometown. She accepts the job – but is stunned to find Ning Zhi Qian working as the hospital’s senior neurosurgeon. Still feeling guilt at the way he once treated her, he attempts to right past wrongs by volunteering to become Ruan Liu Zheng’s mentor. But he soon discovers that her personality has hardened in the past seven years – and that she is no longer the timid young woman he once knew. The two clash. But when their work takes them to Africa, Ning Zhi Qian is injured – and the only one who can save him is Ruan Liu Zheng. Could love strike twice for this once-close pair of talented medics? “Have a Crush on You” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Yang Yang.