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Considered by many to be a warm, friendly, considerate person, Son Hee Jae (Hani) is surrounded by people who claim to know and love her. While having friends is always nice, the problem for Hee Jae is that she isn’t really sure if she really knows or understands herself. Which is why, when she suddenly finds herself in charge of a love and romance podcast, Hee Jae feels more than a little lost. Having never really experienced an intimate relationship before, Hee Jae isn’t the most qualified person to be hosting a romance podcast, but with no one else able to run it, she really doesn’t have a choice. Suddenly thrust into a world she doesn’t understand, Hee Jae finds herself opening up to new ideas and starts to seek out new experiences. While Hee Jae begins to explore the world of romantic love, her best friend, Mi Na (Woohee) finds herself trapped in a loveless relationship and desperately wants things to change. Pooling their lifetime of experiences and newfound knowledge, Mi Na and Hee Jae decide it’s time to both make a major life change by opening a sex counseling service together. Working to help others find personal satisfaction, will these two best friends find the satisfaction they both so desperately crave? Sultry and seductive, “Hit the Spot” is a 2022 South Korean romance drama directed by Yoon Ra Young.