Back From the Brink

Heart Protection
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Tian Yao (Hou Ming Hao) is the incarnation of a centuries-old dragon demon who once loved a woman – a woman who ultimately betrayed him. She exploited his love for her in a bid to rob him of his power-bestowing dragon bones, hiding them in a range of different locations. His heartbroken spirit, however, escaped. Reborn in a new guise, he hopes to regain his power by finding his bones. And has vowed never to love again. When he encounters a young woman named Yan Hui (Zhou Ye), Tian Yao realizes she is in possession of a special seal. This seal has powers that could help him retrieve the all-important bones. But she is no willing helper in all this, so he holds her captive. Although she first tries in vain to escape, the two start to develop a bond of friendship. As they attempt to complete Tian Yao’s quest, could this bond one day turn into love? This drama series was adapted from a novel named “Hu Xin” by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang. “Back From the Brink” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Sam Ho and Zeng Xiao Yu.