The Starry Love

Love When the Stars Fall
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When the queen of the human world gave birth to twin girls, heaven and earth rejoiced. Raised as the beloved princesses that they were, the elder sister, Qing Kui (He Xuan Lin) was known by all as a gentle and kind young woman, while the younger sister, Ye Tan (Landy Li) was known for her intelligence and cunning.  Admired and respected by the humans, Qing Kui’s reputation reaches the heavenly realm and impressed by her, is soon chosen by the gods to become the Heavenly Concubine, betrothed to the heavenly prince Xuan Shang Jun (Chen Xing Xu). While her sister receives the praise of humans and gods alike, Ye Tan is often bullied and shunned by her people. As such, she also eventually draws the attention of the gods, who decide she is suited to become the wife of the third demon prince, Chao Feng (Luke Chen). With the arrangements for their marriages set, the two sisters prepare to step into their new lives but fate, it would seem, has one last card to play. When their palanquins are mixed up on the way to their weddings, Qing Kui and Ye Tan soon find themselves married to the wrong men. Though romance begins to blossom between the two mismatched couples, trouble begins to stir in the four realms. With their love and lives soon on the line, will these two sisters find a way to peace in the troubled realms? Adapted from the novel “Star Falling into Sugar” by Yi Du Jun Hua, “The Starry Love”, the third installment of “The Honey Trilogy”, is a 2023 Chinese fantasy romance drama directed by Chu Yui Bun.