Maid's Revenge

Lady or Servant
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The daughter of a prominent family, Dong Ting Yao (Dawn Chen) might have spent her entire life enjoying the pleasures of being her family’s most treasured jewel, had fate not decided to deal her a cruel hand. The victim of an unfortunate destiny, Ting Yao’s entire world came crashing down around her when her home was suddenly invaded and her entire family was massacred in a single night. Before his passing, Ting Yao’s father told her to seek refuge at the home of her betrothed, Fang Yu Ze (Vincent Wei). Following her father’s orders, Ting Yao manages to escape the horror around her and heads straight to the home of Yu Ze. Arriving just in time to witness Yu Ze’s uncle, the mighty warlord, and governor of the territory, Fang Tian Yi (Dai Gao Zheng) arrive with his troops, Tian Yao is convinced that Tian Yi is responsible for her family’s death. A suspicion which only grows stronger after she’s taken captive by Tian Yi and her position as Yu Ze’s fiance is given to her half-sister, Dong Yan Er (Zhang Rui En). Escaping captivity, Tian Yao is determined to have her revenge. Passing herself off as a maidservant in the Fang household, Tian Yao searches for a way to avenge her family and restore her position but every attempt she makes seems to be thwarted by Tian Yi. Will Tian Yao ever find a way to beat the one man who constantly stands in her way? Full of mystery, romance, and drama, “Maid’s Revenge” is a 2022 Chinese historical drama directed by Lin Qing.