Sweet and Cold

Miss Sweet and Mr Cold
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In the eyes of the world, Meng Hao Tian (Wang Zi Wen) is a strong and capable woman. With exceptional talent and ability, Hai Tian has built her entire career from the ground up. Meeting success at every turn, Hao Tian currently holds several positions at work and excels at them all.  Equally successful in his career is Leng Si Ming (Jin Han), the chief technology officer of Ling Zhi Group. Though much younger than the company’s other senior officers, Si Ming shows incredible promise and has been thriving in his position as CTO since his promotion. Though both Hao Tian and Si Ming have enjoyed exceptional success in their respective fields, neither has been very successful in their relationships. With work taking precedence over everything else, Hao Tian and Si Ming might have spent their entire lives alone, had fate not decided to step in and lend them a hand. Caught up in a wedding farce, Hao Tian and Si Ming find themselves inevitably thrown together. Though they experience their fair share of struggles and misunderstandings, they eventually find a way to get along. Growing closer with time, Hao Tian and Si Ming find themselves opening up to the possibility of love, but the difference in their age and identity keeps getting in the way. Will they be able to find a way to overcome the obstacles before them or are they truly destined to spend a lifetime alone? “Sweet and Cold” is a 2023 Chinese romance drama directed by Zhang Feng.