Accidentally Meow On You

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Zhou Tian (Hu Bing Qing) is a bubbly, budding athlete who loves two things more than anything else: sport and cats. One day, while she is training, she twists an ankle and suffers a relapse of an old leg injury. She is reluctantly forced to put her athletics dreams on hold. In the meantime, she decides to find a job. Without really knowing anything about the entertainment industry, she somehow manages to land a job as an assistant to the head of a powerful media firm. This leads her to cross paths – and bump heads – with the firm’s CEO, Ji Chen (Xing Zhao Lin). To all observers, Ji Chen appears to have ice running through his veins. He is cold, calculating, and seemingly emotionless. After a series of mishaps, this duo really seems to have gotten off on the wrong foot. Their adversarial relationship keeps on deteriorating. Meanwhile, her fondness for a cat named Qiuqui leads her to start flirtatiously chatting with a fellow anonymous cat lover who has also met – and cared for – Qiuqui. But, unbeknown to almost everyone, Ji Chen is actually just as cat-crazy as Zhou Tian. And, it turns out, the cat-loving man she is flirting with online is none other than Ji Chen, her cold-hearted boss! Could their shared love of furry felines bring them together in real life? “Accidentally Meow on You” is a 2022 Chinese drama series that was directed by Ming Yan.