Choice Husband

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In the affluent city of Lingzhou, society is dominated by rich trading families. Few of these families can hold a candle to the Shen family – owners of scores of popular stores in the city. The family’s female heiress is Shen Miao (Zhang Xue Ying), an independent-minded and beautiful young woman who enjoys swordplay. Scores of men want to marry her, aware that marrying into her family is akin to receiving a golden ticket. But marrying Shen Miao isn’t straightforward: She has already failed to marry twice, with her suitors running off before the big day. Regardless, two eligible bachelors have emerged. The first is the serious-minded and somewhat frail scholar Pei Yan Zhen (Xing Zhao Lin). And the second is the younger, more playful, and flirtatious Song Xi Yuan (Riley Wang) – a man who hails from another significant, albeit smaller, mercantile family. Both men must try to outdo one another in a bid to win Shen Miao’s heart. As she attempts to finally tie the knot, who will she choose? “Choice Husband” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Wu Qiang.