My Uncanny Destiny

Protect Our City Lord
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For generations, the cities of Mu Xi and Xuan Yue have been at odds with each other. For as long as anyone can remember, the two cities have been relentless in their attempts to conquer each other but never has either city succeeded in their conquest. As such, the residents of the two cities might have lived in perpetual turmoil forever. As the only child of the lord of Mu Xi, Ye Zhao Nan (Zhang Yue Nan) has never known a true moment’s peace. With her father unwilling to admit that his only offspring was female, he ordered Zhao Nan to live as a male, knowing that this was the only way to ensure his daughter could one day inherit his position. Raised as a boy, Zhao Nan has spent her entire life living a lie but understanding that her father has only ever acted in her best interest, never once has she been upset by the fact. At least not until the day she quite literally fell into the arms of Liu Xuan Ming (Yan Zi Xian), the lord of Xuan Yue City. Brought together in the most unlikely way possible, Zhao Nan and Xuan Ming share a wonderful destiny. But how can they venture towards that destiny together when their warring peoples wish to tear them apart? A story of twisted fate and magnificent destiny, “My Uncanny Destiny” is a 2023 Chinese historical romance drama directed by Zeng Huang Bin and Jiang Tian Hang.