The Three-Body Problem
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Wang Miao (Zhang Lu Yi) is one of China’s leading nanomaterials experts. Shi Qiang (Yu He Wei) is a police detective who specializes in counterterrorism. Shi Qiang has learned of strange goings-on that began taking place in the scientific community many years ago, leading to the apparent suicide of a number of leading researchers – and is determined to get to the bottom of this case. Shi Qiang enlists Wang Miao to help investigate. Wang Miao agrees, but soon begins to learn about a secret organization named The Frontiers of Science, apparently fronted by the mysterious scientist Shen Yu Fei (Li Xiao Ran). He also starts to get to know an elderly astrophysicist named Ye Wen Jie (Chen Jin), the mother of one of the now-dead scientists. As Wang Miao digs deeper, he makes remarkable discoveries about events from the past, as well as a strange online virtual reality game named “Three-Body.” Could playing this unusual game help him and Shi Qiang unlock the secrets of the suicides – and learn what The Frontiers of Science is really up to? This drama series was based on a hit sci-fi novel Liu Ci Xin named “The Three-Body Problem.” “Three-Body” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Vincent Yang and Yang Lei.