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A group of male K-pop trainees – including a few established stars – vie for the right to join a brand-new group and compete for chart glory. Trainees are divided into two groups. There will be a K-group for South Korean contestants, while the G-group will be made up of global contestants – with trainees from Japan, China, and elsewhere in the world. The trainees will be put through their paces in a series of challenges, and – as the show progresses – they will have to compete to stay in the top spots by winning viewer votes. Those who fail to place high enough will be eliminated. But the trainees will not be alone: A group of mentors, including the singer-songwriter Lee Seok Hoon, the EXID member and vocal coach Solji, the NU’EST member and actor Hwang Min Hyun, and the dance star Lip J, are on hand to provide crucial help. As the competition intensifies, who will make the final cut? “Boys Planet” is a 2023 South Korean audition-style variety TV show that was directed by Kim Shin Young.