My Lethal Man

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The target of a ruthless kidnapping, Shen Man Ning’s (Li Mo Zhi) life is turned upside down when her kidnapper brings her face-to-face with her doppelganger, Zhuang Xin Yan (Li Mo Zhi). In a strange twist of events, the look-alikes never have a chance to discover if they share some long-lost connection, as Xin Yan dies unexpectedly. With the death of her “twin”, Man Ning’s life goes from chaotic to complicated when she’s forced to spend the rest of her days with Yan Xing Cheng (Fan Zhi Xin). As powerful as he is mysterious, Xing Cheng is not a man to be crossed. So when he insists that Man Ning begins her “second life” as his fiancé, she isn’t allowed the option to say no. Utterly despising each other, Man Ning’s life with Xing Cheng is anything but pleasant but when they realize they’re both searching for answers to a seventeen-year-old mystery, they find their relationship taking an unexpected turn. Forced to work together to find the answers they both seek, Man Ning and Xing Cheng slowly begin to break down the walls they have each put up between themselves. With time, they begin to rely on each other but can the fragile relationship they’ve started to build hold up against the trials that lie ahead? As mysterious as it is romantic, “My Lethal Man” is a 2023 Chinese mystery romance drama directed by Chu De Jian.