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The Villain of Romance

The Villain of Romance
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The Villain of Romance


Now that he’s in college, Kang Hee Jae (Baro) wants nothing more than to be considered one of the school’s coolest students. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries to appear cool on the outside, on the inside, he feels as small and insignificant as a piece of plankton.  As if struggling with his self-image wasn’t hard enough, Hee Jae is struggling with a much bigger issue: namely, trying to find a way to forgive his girlfriend for her “savage” behavior. Despite his best efforts to remain calm, cool, and collected, Hee Jae gradually transforms into an obsessive monster. Meanwhile, Ban Yoo Jin (Ha Seung Ri), one of the school’s smartest students, is struggling to understand why, despite her best efforts, she can’t seem to keep a relationship going longer than one hundred days.  Afraid she'll end up spending her entire life alone and lonely, Yoo Jin is willing to accept Hee Jae's bold advances, but she isn’t willing to put up with any of his nonsense. Determined to put him through some intense “training” as they date, will Yoo Jin find a way to break Hee Jae of his bad habits or will their relationship prove to be too much for either of them? A coming-of-age story full of young love, “The Villain of Romance” is a 2023 South Korean romance drama.