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Delivery Man


Seo Young Min (Yoon Chan Young) is a meticulous, intelligent young man whose life has been rocked by the death of his taxi-driving mother. Her early demise has left him as the sole carer of his ailing grandmother. He is left with no choice other than to start driving the taxi she left him in a bid to raise the money he needs to make ends meet. This proves to be a difficult task, and leads him to calculate the relative cost of making a u-turn while driving, or using the brake! Aware that a misstep could cause him to lose the house he and his grandmother live in, Seo Young Min resolves to do his best. But things get bizarre when a young female ghost named Kang Ji Hyun (Minah) somehow becomes a passenger in his taxi! Kang Ji Hyun is suffering from amnesia and cannot remember why or how she died. But the unlikely duo slowly form a bond. And they also hatch a plan – what if they created a taxi service exclusively for ghosts? With this new otherworldly connection, Seo Young Min attempts to cater to a whole new, ghoulish selection of passengers. But could this business relationship eventually lead the partners to love? And can ghosts and mortals fall in love with one another? “Delivery Man” is a 2023 South Korean drama series that was directed by Kang Sol.