1000 Stars

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Working as a volunteer teacher, Torfun Chareonpon (Aye Sarunchana Apisamaimongkol) lived a full and meaningful life. As happy in her romantic life, as she was in her professional life, Torfun loved nothing more than the moments she spent with her boyfriend, Chief Forest Officer Phupha Viriyanon (Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri). Sure that their life together would be a long and happy one, Torfun promised to count a thousand stars with Phupha. Unfortunately, that was a promise she would never be able to keep. The victim of a tragic accident, Torfun was taken long before her time. However, as an organ donor, Torfun’s passing meant someone else in the world had a chance to live. In desperate need of a heart, Tian Sopasitsakun (Mix Sahaphap Wongratch) was lucky enough to receive Torfun’s greatest gift: her heart. Curious about the person whose passing meant he had a chance to live, Tian takes it upon himself to learn as much as he can about his donor’s life. Coming across a series of diary entries that Torfun left behind, Tian decides that the best way to honor Torfun’s life is to fulfill as many of her unfulfilled wishes and promises as possible. Becoming a volunteer teacher himself, Tian begins the arduous process of befriending the grieving Phupha. Despite Phupha’s consistently cold shoulder, Tian persists in his approach, driven in part by a heart that flutters madly anytime Phupha is near. With a heart that obviously still beats for Phupha, can Tian find a way to win him over and fulfill Torfun’s thousand-star promise? Adapted from the novel “Tale of a Thousand Stars” by Bacteria, “1000 Stars” is a 2021 Thai romance drama directed by Aof Noppharnach Chaiyahwimhon.