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Finland Papa



Lee Yu Ri (Kim Bo Ra) is a young woman who has just been rocked by the death of her grandmother – the family member she loved the most. Heartbroken, she decides to try to make a new start by finding a job. She decides to attend a job interview at a cafe named Finland Papa, operated by a mysterious figure known only as “Papa.” When she arrives, the staff members give her a meal and eat with her. She proceeds to do so – only to discover that eating was actually her “interview!” Lee Yu Ri lands the job, but is soon flummoxed to learn that the other staff members, like her, have no idea who Papa is. She also comes to learn that the staff members must take on “family names” – and must always dine together to maintain “family harmony.” This rule echoes sage words her grandmother once told her. And it also reminds her of her closest friend and first love Baek Woo Hyun (Kim Woo Seok). When they were younger, Baek Woo Hyun would never let Lee Yu Ri eat alone, and always did his best to raise her spirits. Their parting was sad. But could working at Finland Papa somehow lead to their reconciliation? “Finland Papa” is a 2023 South Korean drama series.