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Shikamori Umi (Suzuki Airi) is part of the production staff on a popular TV talk show. She is worked to the bone by her seniors, who always make her work overtime that she rarely has time for herself. As a result, she is always tired, and has no time for a love life. One day, she falls asleep on the set during a live broadcast – and this shameful moment makes her reevaluate her life. She realizes that there is no way to change her boss – so she quits the company. She switches jobs, moving to a completely different field – the world of makeup and beauty. She finds an entry-level post at a makeup agency named Animal Beauty. At first, she begins to worry that she has made the wrong choice, when she gets off on the wrong foot with the firm’s CEO Sakaki Keisuke (Jin Shirasu). But she soon discovers that the CEO is not quite as abrasive as he seems – and that he might even have a crush on her! She also meets Kazao (Honda Kyoya), a handsome and talented photographer who works at the company. She develops a friendship with him, and also begins to feel a mutual attraction forming. Will Umi’s career change prove to be a success? And might it even lead her to love? “Animals” is a 2022 Japanese drama series that was directed by Hara Keinosuke.