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During the 1980s, South Korea is undergoing political change that involves turmoil and social unrest. In a small town in Jeolla Province, two friends are trying to navigate their way through high school and their teenage years. They are the quick-witted Lee Doo Hak (Jang Dong Yoon) and Choi Cheol Woong (Choo Young Woo). But life changes for these pals forever when a girl named Oh Jung Shin (Seol In Ah) transfers to their school from Seoul. The trio becomes firm friends, but the two boys start to develop feelings for Oh Jung Shin, and a love rivalry begins to brew. However, powers beyond their control begin to send shockwaves through their young lives. An unexpected incident sucks Lee Doo Hak’s family into a web of tragedy. And this sends him on the path to violence and revenge. As political events around them reach a fever pitch, could love save the day for these three young friends? “Oasis” is a 2023 South Korean drama series that was directed by Han Hee and Yoon Sung Shik.