Royal Rumours

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Ji Yuan Chao (Jeremy Tsui) is the ice-cold Crown Prince of a powerful kingdom whose safety and prosperity owe much to the loyalty of a clan named Hua. The Hua clan stuck by the kingdom’s monarchs through thick and thin – and a Hua clan military general helped the kingdom win a famous and decisive victory. But Ji Yuan Chao is less interested in this than his predecessors. He shows no emotion no matter what crosses his path – and this has won him a reputation for coldness and indifference. However, he appears to have met his match when he encounters the military general’s daughter Hua Liu Li (Zoey Meng). This woman is every bit as haughty and strong-minded as the Crown Prince, although she – at first glance – seems to be as meek as a lamb. And when they meet, they both secretly resolve to outwit each other. But as these two fiery souls collide, could love bloom between them? And could they eventually form a powerful union that will help bring peace to the realm? This drama series was based on a novel by Yue Xia Die Ying. “Royal Rumours” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Zhou Jia Wen.