Hold my hand at Twilight

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Having spent her entire life in the remote Japanese countryside, Asagi Soramame (Suzu Hirose) takes a giant leap of faith when she decides to follow her childhood friend and fiancé to Tokyo. But life in the big city quickly proves to be nothing as she imagined. Struggling to find her place in this big new world, Asagi’s life takes an interesting detour when she meets an aspiring musician, Oto Umino (Ren Nagase). Though her encounter with Oto in Tokyo was brief, Asagi would never forget the brief time they spent together. When her relationship with her fiance takes a turn for the worst, Asagi decides to keep moving forward. Determined to live her life for herself, Asagi takes up residence at a boarding house where she soon comes face to face with Oto. Happy to meet a friendly face, Asagi and Oto quickly fall into an easy friendship. Finding inspiration in each other, both Asagi and Oto renew their determination to achieve their lifelong dreams.  As each cheers the other on, deeper feelings begin to blossom between them. Brought together by fate yet again, could Asagi and Oto find in each other their very own version of “happily ever after”? A beautiful story of love and determination, “Hold my hand at Twilight ” is a 2023 Japanese romance drama directed by Hiroshi Kanai, Daisuke Yamauchi, and Masato Fuchigami.