Some believe the world is full of spirits, some may be kind, some may serve as a guide, others may be completely indifferent but completely benign, but others are so full of anger and vengeance, that they spend an eternity wreaking havoc on the living unlucky enough to cross them. When a new employee manages to offend the resident office spirit on his first day, his overtime hours slowly descend into a living nightmare. After a group of college students begins working on a horror film, they quickly learn that one of them has a much darker agenda. Meanwhile, a woman who stumbles upon her husband’s affair soon finds herself struggling to control her thoughts and actions as her desire for revenge begins to take over. Ignoring numerous warnings, a group of friends go camping in a haunted forest, but as the night progresses they begin to wonder if any of them will make it out alive. And as a self-proclaimed judge of humanity and “protector” of the innocent, a taxi driver takes it upon himself to help a woman in need; but his method of protection leaves a bloody trail in his wake. In a collection of nightmare-ish tales, all culminating at 3 AM, each character in these tales of woe is driven to extremes. But are their actions the result of an encounter with evil spirits or are their aberrant psychological issues really to blame? A five-part anthology series, full of vengeful spirits and karmic retribution, “3AM” is a Malaysian horror series directed by Heng Aik Seong, Ang Yee Sien, and Yong Choon Lin.