Nothing But You

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Song Sang Chuan (Leo Wu) is a budding tennis player in his twenties. He used to play badminton, but has recently turned his attention to tennis after his career stalled. Liang You An (Zhu Yu Tong), meanwhile, is a professional woman in her thirties. Her own career has also taken an unexpected turn – and she decides to take up tennis at a new club in a bid to make a change in her life. She happens to join the same club as Song Sang Chuan… Song Sang Chuan is instantly smitten with Liang You An – despite the fact that he is 10 years her junior. He tries every trick in the book to woo her, but she is very skeptical of his advances, as she is concerned that he is far too young for her. But over time, she comes to learn that his intentions are pure – and that his feelings for her are genuine. While many people around her express scorn, she starts to wonder if she might just fall for this passionate young athlete… “Nothing But You” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Chen Chang.