Wonderland of Love



Li Ni (Xu Kai) is the Emperor's grandson and a keen warrior. Despite his illustrious family background, he does not seek power – although his jealous father holds him in contempt. He wants to spend his life in the army, so must hide his true identity from his fellow soldiers as he rises to the rank of general. He is assigned to patrol a dangerous border territory where violence erupts on a regular basis. He is happy in his role as a frontier fighter and has no intention of trying to take the throne. While on the border, he meets Cui Lin (Jing Tian), the only daughter of a well-known military leader. Like Li Ni, however, she is also a fighter with a secret identity – dressing up as a military officer so she can fight on the front lines. As they meet on the battlefield again and again, they begin to form a rivalry. But could this competitive spirit one day give way to love? “Wonderland of Love” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Steve Cheng.