Love Is Written in the Stars

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Plagued by a strange illness that only strikes when she starts to fall in love, Zhou Yuan (Qi Yan Di) has learned, over the years, how important it is to guard her heart. To keep herself from falling ill, Zhou Yuan has found creative ways to protect herself. Unfortunately protecting her family isn’t quite as easy. To protect her brother after he enters the Qing Yun Academy, Zhou Yuan comes up with an unorthodox plan that will allow her to follow him. Disguising herself as a man, Zhou Yuan enters the academy in secret and runs directly into Wei Qi (Ao Rui Peng), a young marquis who despises marriage above all else. Cold and arrogant on the outside, Wei Qi is a man who has suffered too many broken hearts. With an ability to see the connections between people, Zhou Yuan begins to understand Wei Qi, but as she gets to know him better she begins to realize she may be putting herself at risk of falling ill.  Determined to help Wei Qi in his never-ending quest to defeat the evil forces of the world, Wei Qi stands by his side. But can she truly help this noble man in his quest if she's brought down by the flutterings of her own heart? A truly delightful tale, “Love is Written in the Stars” is a 2023 Chinese fantasy romantic comedy drama directed by Shen Jin Fei.