Even if You Don’t Do It

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Michi Yoshino (Nao) is 32 years old. She works in the sales department of a construction company. Her life is comfortable and trouble-free. But there is just one problem: her husband. She married the shy and reticent Yoichi Yoshino (Eita Nagayama) five years ago. He works as a manager at a struggling cafe and loves her very much. But he doesn’t want to have sex with her. And whenever she tries to instigate intimacy, he shies away from the situation. Two years have passed since they had sex, and she feels somewhat neglected and frustrated by the situation. One evening, when she was supposed to meet her husband, she finds herself drinking a can of beer alone outside. And she happens to meet her company’s boss, Makoto Niina (Iwata Takanori), who is also outside at this time. Makoto Niina is everything her husband is not: He is outgoing, popular, and successful. He is married to Kaede Niina (Minami Tanaka), a senior editor at a fashion magazine. But like Michi Yoshino, Makoto Niina is not satisfied with his marriage: Kaede Niina is always “too busy” to be intimate with him. As Michi Yoshino and Makoto Niina chat, they learn one another’s marriage secrets. Could this lead them to a dangerous encounter that could threaten both of their marriages? This drama was based on a manga series by Haru Haruno that was first published in 2017. “Even If You Don’t Do It” is a 2023 Japanese drama series that was directed by Hiroshi Nishitani.