Till the End of the Moon

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In a realm where demons exert their evil will over the mortals and cultivators, none is as powerful – nor as wicked – as the Demon Lord (Luo Yun Xi). But he was not always as evil as he is now. He was once a very different and more ordinary prince, albeit one who was born with the bone of evil. As such, demonic forces planned to suck him in and make him their most powerful weapon. Some 500 years later, the powers of good hatch a plan. They plan to send a powerful woman back in time to find the prince – named Tan Tai Jin – in the Jin Kingdom. And this woman will take on the identity of his wife...and destroy him before he can transform into the monster he is now. A woman named Li Su Su (Bai Lu) accepts the mission. She goes back in time, taking on the role of the mortal woman Ye Xi Wu, the daughter of a great general – and the prince’s wife. But when she meets the prince, things get complicated. Romance blooms between them as the cycle of death and reincarnation begins to spin. Could love – and not violence – help save the world from evil? “Till the End of the Moon” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Kuk Kok Leung and Wang Hai Qi.