Love Mate

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As a team leader, Seo Lee Joon (Cho Hyun Min) is anything but soft. A leader at So What Media, Lee Joon’s content production team is one of the company’s best but by demanding the best from his team, he’s developed a reputation as the company’s toughest team leader. Seen by all as an iron-clad man who’s set in his ways, everyone is surprised when it becomes apparent that the company’s new employee, Jeong Ha Ram (Cho Han Gyul), has started to get under his skin. A very straightforward type of person, Ha Ram hides nothing about himself, including his sincere beliefs about love. Skeptical of love himself, Lee Joon has a hard time understanding how Ha Ram can be so open about love. Even more confusing for Lee Joon is trying to understand the feelings that he seems to be developing for the company’s newest employee.  Finding themselves in a bit of a push-and-pull relationship, Lee Joon and Ha Ram begin to understand each other better, as they slowly learn about each other’s past and present struggles. Drawing ever closer, will this unlikely pair learn to let go of the past and allow themselves the freedom to experience true love? A delightful testament to the power of love, “Love Mate” is a 2023 South Korean romantic comedy drama directed by So Joon Moon.