Wrong Carriage Right Groom

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In the affluent city of Yangzhou, in Tang Dynasty China’s Jiangsu Province, powerful parents from the Du and Li clans are planning marriages for their daughters, with the weddings coincidentally slated to take place on the very same day. Du Bing Yan (Bai Bing Ke)’s intended husband is the sickly Qi Tian Lei (Ao Rui Peng), the third son of the Qi family. The Qi hope that marrying Qi Tian Lei off to a beautiful woman will reverse the man’s bad luck, and restore his health. But rumor has it that Qi Tian Lei is actually on the verge of death. Du Bing Yan is dismayed by the fact that she must marry such a sick individual, but bows to her parents’ wishes. Meanwhile, the Li family has agreed to marry their daughter Li Yu Hu (Tian Xi Wei) to a bandit named Yuan Bu Qu (Zhao Shun Ran), a man with a reputation for ferocity and roughness. Li Yu Hu is equally distraught by this choice of husband, but also acquiesces to her family’s wishes. But while they travel by sedan to their respective weddings, they each independently decide to pay a visit to a temple they pass along the way. When a fire breaks out in the temple, their respective entourages panic. In the confusion, the two women are taken off in the “wrong” sedans – and end up heading to weddings with the other woman’s intended husband! Will Cupid be able to sort out the mess? Or will chaos ensue for this quartet? This drama was adapted from a novel of the same name by Xi Juan, which also spawned a 2001 drama, also named “Wrong Carriage, Right Groom.” “Wrong Carriage, Right Groom” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was produced by Cheng Feng.