The Princess and the Werewolf

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Qi Pa (Wu Xuan Yi) is a Princess with a problem: She wakes up one day to find herself in what appears to be another world – where she has been taken into the realm of a tribe where members have beast-like properties. Worse still, she learns that in just a week’s time, she is to become the wife of the tribe’s powerful king, Kui Mu Lang (Chen Zhe Yuan). The king’s fearful appearance is only part-human: He has sharp, predator-like teeth and pointy ears – making him look like a wolf. She only ever sees her new “husband” at night, and he fills her with nothing but fear and repulsion. She vows to escape, unaware that she is actually in possession of a powerful bead that her husband desperately needs. But her attempts to leave the tribe are repeatedly thwarted, much to her frustration. She is undaunted, but her escape plans are thrown into turmoil by the presence of a handsome young man (also played by Chen Zhe Yuan) named Li Xiong, who only seems to be around during the daytime. Could there be a connection between the diurnal Li Xong and the nocturnal Kui Mu Lang? And could love come calling for the want-away Princess? “The Princess and the Werewolf” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Cheng Feng.