My Hot Sexless Lover



At thirty years old, Rei Mizukawa (Haruka Shimazaki) finds herself ready for a change. Having worked for the same real estate company since graduating from university, Rei is ready to set off on a thrilling new adventure. Quitting her job, Rei and her friend join hands in a new business venture, starting an art subscription company that quickly takes off. Working hard for her own company, Rei’s days are filled with endless tasks and errands. While visiting a shared office space, Rei meets freelance photographer Shuto Arima (Keisuke Watanabe). Immediately hitting it off, it doesn’t take long for Rei and Shuto to get together. The absolute perfect boyfriend, Shuto’s affection for Rei is obvious and he never seems to run out of fun date ideas. Equally thrilled by the successful launch of her new business and her new love life, Rei is on cloud nine, but as the weeks turn into months, Rei begins to notice a few strange things about Shuto, namely that he’s never once tried to kiss her. Curious as to why Shuto has never tried to move things along physically, Rei tries to ask but anytime she brings up the subject, Shuto simply tells her that there are more fun things to do with a loved one than being intimate. With doubt slowly creeping in, Rei begins to wonder if there’s something she’s doing wrong, but if there is, how can she discover what that something is? More importantly, if she does find something amiss, will she be able to find a way to fix it?  “My Hot Sexless Lover” is a 2022 Japanese romance drama directed by Koto Nagata, Daiki Hamano, Eiji Takano, and Megumi Aiba.