Dragon Sakura S2

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Over a decade ago, a lowly high school defied the odds by helping a slew of senior students ace their exams and gain admission to the elite University of Tokyo. Almost every Japanese student hopes to study at the university – seen as a one-way ticket to a successful career. And the unconventional teacher who helped the students ace their tests was Sakuragi Kenji (Abe Hiroshi). With left-field methods such as having his students go through their physics formulae and do calculations while playing table tennis and playing cards, Sakuragi Kenji would ask the class to study for a grueling 16 hours per day. But that is all water under the bridge now. Sakuragi Kenji has left the teaching profession and has become a lawyer. But the Vice Principal of a struggling high school, wants to change all that. She wants to bring Kenji Sakuragi back to school to help the current crop of seniors to overturn the odds and gain admission to the University of Tokyo. The school’s chairwoman Tatsuno Kumiko(Noriko Eguchi) opposes the plan. But Kenji Sakuragi eventually agrees, and enlists the help of his former student Mizuno Naomi(Nagasawa Masami). Has the veteran teacher lost his golden touch? Or can he rediscover some of his former magic to help his new students defy the academic odds? This drama was based on a manga series of the same name by Mita Norifusa. “Dragon Sakura S2” is a 2021 Japanese drama series that was directed by Ishii Yasuharu, Aoyama Takahiro, and Fukuzawa Katsuo.