Three Dads

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Hirabayashi Takuto (Horii Arata) is 24 years old. He has been blundering his way through life, living carefree in a rented house that he shares with his two best male friends from high school. Kyohei Hano (Yuki Yamada) is an office worker at a large trading company who struggles with dyslexia. And Hajime Okayama (Mitsuya Ryo) works in the world of fashion, where he is a designer for an accessories company. Living together is a dream, and feels like a joyful continuation of student life. That all changes when Hirabayashi Takuto comes home one day to find a baby asleep in the house. Along with the baby, they find a letter that reads: “This is your baby.” This sobers them up, as they are unsure as to who the letter is addressed to – and whose baby this really is! Not sure what else they can do, they decide to look after the baby as best they can – despite the fact that all three “dads” are equally out of their depth when it comes to childcare. Who is the real father? And will the baby’s mom ever make herself known? “Three Dads” is a 2017 Japanese drama series that was directed by Okamoto Shingo and Komaki Sakura.