Love of Replica

Come for Love


Waking from a coma, Xu Xi Xi (Yu Yue) quickly realizes that something is very wrong. Unable to remember anything from her past, Xi Xi has no idea where she is, who she is, or how she came to be in a coma. She only knows that it takes exactly one look at her bodyguard, Lu Jin Yan (Tsao Yu Ning), for her to fall head over heels in love. As the eldest daughter of an incredibly wealthy family, Xi Xi wants for nothing. But all the riches in the world can’t replace the memories she’s lost. Struggling to remember who she is, Xi Xi relies heavily on her childhood friend, Ding Bei Fan (Wu Hao Ze), who eventually confesses a shocking truth: Xi Xi isn’t a daughter of the Xu Family at all, simply someone who looks like her. After learning the truth, Xi Xi, or rather An Yue, sets out to uncover the truth behind her alternative identity, with Jin Yan faithfully by her side. Harboring his own set of secrets, Jin Yan hides his true agenda from An Yue, using his time with her to search for answers of his own. Though they both suffer an unprecedented amount of suspicion, they realize that the only truth they can hold onto is their feelings for each other. Will that be enough to satisfy them or will their need for the truth ultimately drive them apart? A thrilling sequel to the Chinese drama, “Mysterious Romance” (2021), “Love of Replica” is a 2023 Chinese romance directed by Ming Yan.