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Coming from a poor family, Go Ah In (Lee Bo Young) grew up without any of the advantages that her wealthier peers took for granted. As a child, the only thing Ah In had going for her was a strong personal desire for success. Determined to succeed despite the odds, Ah In studied hard, graduated from university, and entered the workforce, ready to make her lifelong dreams come true. Unfortunately, without any connections, Ah In was forced to start her professional career like so many others in her position. Taking a low-rung job at a large advertising agency, Ah In knows that climbing her way to the top is going to take a lot of hard work, but that never stops her from trying. With dreams of becoming the company’s first female lead executive, Ah In dives into her work, never once backing off from the challenges before her. Focused solely on her career, Ah In earns a reputation as someone who only cares about money and success; but that’s just fine with her. Will An In’s unwavering dedication and hard work pay off in the end? Providing a glimpse into one of the world’s most cut-throat industries, “Agency” is a 2023 South Korean drama directed by Lee Chang Min.