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Oh! Youngsim


When she was a girl, Oh Young Sim (Song Ha Yoon) and Wang Kyung Tae (Donghae) were friends. But while Wang Kyung Tae was attracted to Oh Young Sim, she wasn’t so keen. Regardless, he was always around, making his affection for her known. Then, his family abruptly moved to the United States, and the duo lost contact with one another. Twenty years later, Oh Young Sim has become a TV producer who makes variety shows. Although she always tries her hardest to score a ratings hit, her TV shows almost invariably tank – and get canceled! Oh Young Sim hopes to turn over a new leaf when she is given the opportunity to create a pilot for a new romance-themed entertainment show. She decides that she will do whatever it takes to make the show successful. Oh Young Sim wants to cast a hot, eligible bachelor in the show. As such, she decides upon a startup CEO named Mark Wang for the role. But when he arrives for the filming, she suddenly realizes that he is none other than Wang Kyung Tae – all grown up...and exceptionally handsome to boot! What will happen when these childhood friends must reunite after all these years? Does Wang Kyung Tae still feel the same way about Oh Young Sim? This drama was based on a hit animated series and a comic named “Fourteen-year-old Youngsim.” “Oh! Youngsim” is a 2023 South Korean drama series that was directed by Kim Eun Kyung and Oh Hwan Min.