Lost Track of Time

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As the first daughter of the first wife of the powerful Lu Family, Lu An Ran (Xing Fei) had everything she needed in life. With a sharp mind and a natural gift for business management, An Ran was well-positioned to become the next head of the Lu Family.  Having expanded the family’s business and increased their power within the empire, An Ran’s marriage to Prince Qing, Mu Ze (Jing Chao), only served to strengthen her family’s wealth and position. But the ten years she spent with Mu Ze ended in tragedy as she learned the hard way that her husband had been using their marriage as a means of destroying her entire family. Now the sole surviving member of the once-powerful Lu Family, An Ran’s sorrow consumed her. No longer wishing to live, An Ran threw herself into a fire but rather than being taken into the afterlife, An Ran woke to discover that she had been transported ten years into the past. With a heart burning for revenge, An Ran does everything in her power to stop Mu Ze from destroying her family. Teaming up with Mu Ze’s brother, Mu Chuan (Zhai Zi Lu), An Ran stands poised to take down Mu Ze only to realize that the time she’s spent with his soft-hearted brother has changed her in unexpected ways. Torn between a new-found love and her desire for revenge, which path will An Ran choose? A story of love, hate, and second chances, “Lost Track of Time” is a 2022 Chinese historical romance drama directed by Yi Jun.