Dear Liar

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Having grown up under the watchful care of her family, Song Yi Fei (Qu Meng Ru) lived a very sheltered life. Naive and innocent, Yi Fei spent most of her life longing for the day she could marry the perfect man, have the perfect wedding, and live a perfect married life.  After meeting Qi Lin (Fan Zhi Xin), Yi Fei thought her dreams of finding the perfect man had finally come true. When Qi Lin asked for her hand in marriage, Yi Fei accepted his proposal without hesitation. After months of meticulous planning and preparation, Yi Feiand Qin Li exchanged their marriage vows in a wedding ceremony that couldn’t have been more perfect. But what started as a joyous beginning to a lifetime of dreams come true quickly turned into a nightmare. With the sudden appearance of a mysterious stranger, Yi Fei realizes that her marriage has actually been built on a foundation of lies. Soon convinced Qin Li is actually trying to murder her, can Yi Fei find a way to protect herself before it’s too late? “Dear Liar” is a 2023 Chinese romance thriller drama directed by Zhang Heng.