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When an opera troupe from Dayong City is reported to have been swallowed by a mysterious ghost at the city’s gate, the reigning sovereign immediately orders the lord of Dayong City to investigate. Given only three days in which to solve the mystery, the lord of Dayong City seeks out the help of Su Cheng Xi (Simon Chen), the city’s best detective, and Sui Han Bai (Li Pei Yang), a local constable in possession of some very useful abilities.  Though Cheng Xi and Han Bai have little choice when it comes to working together, the two struggle to get along. Unable to trust each other completely, they do their best, but when they’re trapped in a mysterious villa with Zuo Han Qin (Yin Rui), a trained assassin who claims to be the daughter of the city’s lord and a map that appears out of nowhere, the two can put their differences aside to focus on what it quickly becoming a most unusual case. Identified as the Shi Wei Map, the mysterious map shows the location of an immense treasure, but with its appearance, strange things begin to happen. With the nearby Shangtang River suddenly full of bones, and an opera troupe no closer to being found, Cheng Xi, Han Bai, and Han Qin begin a desperate search to find the connection between these events and the map. Will they be able to find the clues they need to restore peace to their city before it’s too late? Adapted from the novel “Jianghu Juvenile Art” by Zi Mo Jian, “Decline” is a 2023 Chinese action adventure drama directed by Liu Qi Jia.