Here We Meet Again

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Growing up as the daughter of the Donghe Group, Xiang Yuan (Wu Qian) has always been aware of the fact that she would be forced to shoulder certain responsibilities. So when she is tasked with saving the Xi’an branch of the company from bankruptcy, she accepts the job with grace and determination.  Prepared though she might have been for the task at hand, Xiang Yuan was completely unprepared to have a run-in with her former crush, Xu Yan Shi (Vin Zhang) soon after her arrival. While in school, Yan Shi’s many charms captured Xiang Yuan’s heart. Sadly, try as she might, she never managed to win his affection in return; which made meeting him all these years later, more than a little awkward. Despite their past, and their awkward new beginning, Xiang Yuan and Yan Shi form an unexpected friendship.  While Xiang Yuan works hard to save the failing branch of her family’s company, Yan Shi struggles to overcome the injustices he’s constantly facing as he attempts to pursue a career as a navigation engineer. Supporting each other through it all, will Yan Shi and Xiang Yuan find the strength they need to make their dreams come true? Adapted from the novel “Three Fields” by Er Dong Tu Zi, “Here We Meet Again” is a 2023 Chinese romance drama directed by Tien Jen Huang.