Please Be My Family

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Song Hao Yu (Xie Bin Bin) is the single father of a young boy named Song Xing Chen (Zhang Yan Bo). He is also the work-obsessed CEO of a successful and affluent company. He struggles with the pressure of being a single father, and often feels he is hopelessly out of his depth when it comes to all things childcare-related. Meanwhile, Qi Si Le (Zheng Qiu Hong) is the single mother of a girl named Qi Zi Yuan (Huang Bo Si). As her daughter urgently needs money to pay for a potentially life-saving operation, Qi Zi Yuan has become anxious. But her positivity serves her well, and her optimistic outlook means she has not lost hope. One day, the two single parents’ paths cross when Song Hao Yu is looking for a birthday gift for Song Xing Chen. Qi Zi Yuan knows that Song Hao Yu’s firm has the power to grant her own company a lucrative contract – which could help her pay for the surgery. She tries to convince Song Xing Chen to ensure her firm lands the contract. Song Hao Yu senses an opportunity: He feels that Qi Zi Yuan is a competent parent, and could help him bring up Song Xing Chen. A “marriage of convenience” beckons. But could living under the same roof bring these two single-parent families together? “Please Be My Family” is a 2023 Chinese drama series that was directed by Li Jie.