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Soul Land


Tang San is a young member of the martial arts-practising Tang Sect. The sect’s leaders have high hopes for him, and his skills are already quite formidable. A bright future lays in store for him. But his curiosity is unsurpassable...to the point that he cannot resist the urge to break the sect’s strictest taboo. He steals the sect’s most cherished secrets, an act for which the punishment is death. Realizing his fate is now sealed, he leaps to his death from a high mountain. But this is not the end for Tang San. He is reborn as a young villager in a place where martial arts are not practised. He grows up alongside a young girl who becomes completely committed to him. In this land, each person is born with an innate spirit. Some of these spirits can be trained, bestowing their “owners” remarkable powers. A select few will develop to become Spirit Masters. Tang San learns that his own spirit is Blue Silvergrass, supposedly the lowliest of all spirits. But he won’t let that put him off: Using the knowledge he gleaned from his previous life, he resolves to rise to the rank of Spirit Master! “Soul Land” is a 2018 Chinese animated series that was directed by Shen Le Ping.