The Youth Memories

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In the 1970s, Beijing was a city of immense change. Growing up amid this change was Xiao Chun Sheng (Xiao Zhan) and his two best friends, Ye Guo Hua (Wayne Liu) and Chen Hong Jun (Cui Hang). Facing a multitude of challenges as they grew up, Chun Sheng and his friends found the strength to overcome them all, together. The sons of military and government families, Chun Sheng and his friends had very specific standards they were expected to live up to. But even as they struggled to become the sons their family wished them to be, they did it all together. From entering university to joining the army, to traveling abroad, to starting a business, Chun Sheng and his friends were always there to support each other. But not everyone growing up in the bustling metropolis had the same luck. With dreams of becoming a doctor, Tong Xiao Mei (Li Qin), had to overcome every obstacle before her entirely on her own. At least she did up until the day she met Chun Sheng. With new friends by her side, Xiao Mei finds the strength to continue pursuing her dreams, while Chun Sheng finds new inspiration in Xiao Mei. In a world where anything is possible, will these steadfast friends find a way to make their lifelong dreams come true? An inspiring story of struggle and triumph, “The Youth Memories” is a 2023 Chinese romantic youth drama directed by Fu Ning.