Fox Spirit Matchmaker

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Tu Shan Su Su is a pure-hearted fox spirit. She inhabits a world of fox spirits who serve as matchmakers, allowing humans to be reincarnated and recall memories about their past lives. Dong so can sometimes let them find love with immortals. But despite all of her best intentions, Tu Shan Su Su isn’t much of success as a matchmaker. Her latest quest is a bid to play matchmaker for a prince who wants to be with his reincarnated lover. One day, her bungling leads Tu Shan Su Su to fall through a roof, where she meets Bai Yue Chu, a human Taoist who is looking to break free from the powers that bind him. The duo begins to form a partnership, and before long, Tu Shan Su Su has managed to rope Bai Yue Chu into helping her play matchmaker to the prince and his lover. But could this partnership lead them to discovery...or even love? “Fox Spirit Matchmaker” is a 2015 Chinese animated series that was directed by Wang Zi Xuan.