Spicy Girl

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Su Xiao has always been “spicy” – ever since her childhood years. Her demeanor means she usually leaves others frightened in her presence, even if that isn’t something she is always happy about. And that means she has often found herself struggling in the popularity stakes, despite the fact that she actually has a strong sense of humor and a hard-working attitude. Now an adult, she has turned her hand to acting. But as she has lost none of her frightening demeanor, she is almost always typecast as a villain, despite her wishes to branch out into a wide range of roles. One day, she crosses paths with Xiao Jian, a (secretly hypocritical and cynical) award-winning actor and investor, when he witnesses a third-rate director hugging Su Xiao wearing only his underwear in a hotel room. He opportunistically takes a photo of the two, even though nothing untoward had actually happened, and the whole incident was, in fact, totally innocent. To avoid a scandal, Su Xiao agrees to sign a contract with Xiao Jian, agreeing to do what he wants. But will this unorthodox agreement send them on the path to redemption...or even love? “Spicy Girl” is a 2020 Chinese animated series that was directed by Uda Takenosuke.