Full-Time Magister

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When an ordinary but somewhat aloof ninth-grade school student named Mo Fan falls asleep wearing a mysterious pendant one day, his life changes dramatically! He awakes in a world where almost everything is the same, except for the fact that magic – not science – is now taught at his school! In three months’ time, he finds himself sitting an examination on magic, and has no idea what all the answers are! In this world, magic-related jobs are the highest-paying, as magicians are his town’s only line of defence against fearsome monsters that live in the nearby forests. As Mo Fan’s family is poor and he must take care of his physically challenged step-sister, he realizes that the only way that he will be able to have enough money to help his family is to become a magician himself! He wins acceptance to a well-known magic high school, but his fellow students soon learn of his poverty – and his ineptitude in all things magic-related! But he will not be daunted, and resolves to harness the power of two magic-bestowing elements. Will he be successful in his quest – and does a lifetime of magical spells await him? “Full-Time Magister Season 1” is a 2016 Chinese animated series.