The Island of Siliang

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Since the very creation of the universe, there has been a division between the Gods, the Immortals, and the Humans. Living within different times and spaces, the three races were each given very different roles. As those responsible for governing all living things, it fell to the Gods to punish the gods and immortals who broke the sacred laws. At the intersection between the World of the Gods and the Realm of Heaven lies a barrier, across which lies Siliang Island. A mysterious island, Siliang where those being punished by the Gods are forced to suffer. Exiled from their immortal homes, the convicted are forced to live and die as mortals. It is here, on this island, where Tu Li resides. Completely unaware of her connection to the Gods and Immortals on the other side, Tu Li dreams of two things: a life away from this strange island and becoming a master of martial arts. Following her head and her heart, Tu Li sets out to make her dreams come true. But escaping an island such as Siliang isn’t easy. Does she have what it takes to defy the Gods themselves and live a life entirely her own? Highly anticipated at the time of its release, “The Island of Siliang” is a 2021 Chinese animated series created by Year Young Culture Animation and directed by Zhao Yu Qing.