I Will Knock You

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As a college undergraduate, Thiwa "Thi" Ananbhuchai (Bom Thanawat Uthaikitwanit) spends a lot of his time tutoring other students. Always doing what he can to help those he tutors, Thi doesn’t even stop to think when he notices one of them being tormented by a group of teenage thugs. Stepping in to help, Thi quickly finds himself the target of an unruly gang of hooligans led by Noey Watphlu (Tar Atiwat Saengtien), the biggest hooligan of them all.  After helping his student escape the unwanted attention of Noey and his gang, Thi does what he can to steer clear of the teenage gangsters. Unfortunately, no matter what Thi does, he seems destined to run into Noey and his gang. Finding Noey up to no good everywhere he goes, Thi is at his wit's end. But things only get worse when he realizes that the new student he’s agreed to tutor is none other than Noey himself.  Determined to do everything he can to turn his uncultured thug into a model student, Thi gets to work. Does he really stand a chance of transforming this trouble-making hooligan or will he quickly find he’s in way over his head? Adapted from the novel “I Will Hit You Na, Noei” by KoreanRabbit, “I Will Knock You” is a 2022 Thai romantic comedy drama directed by Champ Weerachit Thongjila.